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2017 Dolce Mio Figlio

Syrah Dessert Wine

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/ 17 DMF -500 ml

Port, perhaps the greatest liquid dessert in the world, is what’s known as a vin doux naturel: a “naturally sweet wine”.  The nuts and bolts is a centuries-old process whereby, after a short and vigorous maceration, the fermenting wine is supplemented with neutral grape spirits.  This raises the alcohol content, killing the yeast, and preserving the remaining natural sugar.  The result is a viscous, rich, and sensuous wine.  It’s equal parts serious and decadent.

The Syrah from our blocks at Boushey Vineyard is reliably extraordinary; darkly colored with plush texture and filled with spicy black fruit character.  Since 2012, in appropriate vintages, it’s provided the perfect material for our own play on a Port-styled wine: Dolce Mio Figlio (“My Sweet Son”).  2017 was just such a vintage with the Syrah at Boushey enjoying a long hang-time and late harvest date, yielding deeply colored berries bursting with character.  After fermentation and fortification, we had enough wine for one 300L barrel, which we’ve been patiently aging for over two years.  The wait is finally over and we’re delighted to release the 2017 Dolce Mio Figlio.

Wine Specs
Yakima Valley
Vineyard Designation
Boushey Vineyard
Bottling Date
June 2020
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
The 2017 Dolce Mio Figlio is full of character, with a richly colored, deep ruby hue. The aromas are expressive: brandied cherries, dried apricots, dark chocolate, hoisin, and orange peel waft out immediately with air. The density and complexity continue through the rich, full-bodied palate, adding black plums, and mission figs. The freshness of the vintage is apparent here, supporting the wine’s significant power and ripeness to a lengthy finish that adds a pleasantly savory/saline undertone. Dolce Mio Figlio is easy to enjoy right now, but those with patience will be rewarded after short-term cellaring.
Only 1 Barrel Made