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A blend of the best elements of the new and the old worlds; wines of dimension and pleasure, wines that allow the character of Washington to shine through.

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2013 Vintage Overview

After the cooler vintages of 2010 and 2011, Washington is back to the more typical trend of warmth in 2012 and 2013. Bud break arrived in early April in many areas across the state, a sign that harvest would likely arrive earlier than usuall. Flowering took place anywhere from one week to four weeks early, and in very good conditions. The result was a large crop that could be thinned out to only keep the very best clusters.
The heat stayed constant through the summer months, with just a little cooling over a couple days in July when we experienced a small amount of rainfall. As September arrived, and we began to pick grapes, a cooling trend slowed things down in the second week of September. Some have called 2013 the tale of two harvests, referring to the period before and after the cooling trend. In 2013, the combination of above average heat, and cool night time temperatures resulted in rich textures combined with the life preserving acidity we value so much for freshness.