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Walla Walla AVA

The Walla Walla Valley is located in southeastern Washington by the Oregon border, with part of the appellation stretching across state lines. The growing region is wholly contained within the Columbia Valley.

Most soils are well-drained, sandy loess over Missoula Flood slackwater deposits & fractured basalt. However, an ancient cobblestone riverbed defines the area to the south. These cobblestones absorb the sun’s heat, radiating it to the roots & grape clusters.

Seven Hills Vineyard

Manager: Sadie Drury

The original vineyard and heart of SeVein, Seven Hills, is one of the first commercial vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley AVA. Seven Hills Vineyard was first planted in 1980 and then expanded in 1989. Norm McKibben purchased this 20-acre old block in 1994 and, in partnership with Gary Figgins, Marty Clubb, and Bob Rupar, expanded Seven Hills Vineyard in 1997 and 1998 to over 200 acres. The three partnering wineries collectively utilize 50 percent of the vineyard fruit, selling grapes to more than 25 other premium wineries.

With an elevation of 850 to 1,050 feet, the site has excellent soil and air drainage and is one of the most technologically advanced in the industry. The vertically trained canopy, controlled cluster spacing and sunlight exposure generates uniform fruit ripeness. Soil moisture is monitored daily by computer with sophisticated drip irrigation scheduled to augment vine development yet limit excessive canopy growth. Yields are strictly controlled to assure ultra-premium quality.

SeVein Vineyard

Owner: Betz Family Winery

SeVein's 2,700 acres consist of a unique mix of soil types, elevations, aspects, and microclimates. The property covers a 600 foot slope of 15 million year–old ancient basalt flows overlaid with combinations of windblown loess and glacial alluvial sediment. Numerous basalt outcroppings are exposed on the property and many glacial erratics—foreign granite stones carried there in floating blocks of ice—have been found. At the highest elevation of 1,490 feet the loess deposit is as little as two feet over fractured basalt. Descending the slope northward to the 1,200 foot level, loess deposits increase in depth to over 15 feet, marking the approximate maximum elevation of the Missoula floods and resulting slack water silts. Continuing down slope to the 850 foot elevation, there are very deep loess deposits and flood silts overlying the basalt base. This rich combination of soils and basalt creates a multitude of growing regions across the property to accommodate an owner’s winegrowing vision.

Ancient Stones Vineyard - The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA

Owner: Betz Family Winery
Manager: D

The Old Stones Vineyard is located on the rocks in the old riverbed area of the Walla Walla Valley, just next to River Rock Vineyard. The Old Stones Vineyard is owned by Betz Family Winery and farmed by Dana Dibble. The soil is cobblestones, and the low cordon and warm site give the wine a uniquely “rocks” character.

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