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Tasting Experiences

We love sharing our story and our passion for Washington wine, so, after repeated inquiries, we've decided to offer private tasting experiences by appointment only, when production activities allow. 

Virtual Tasting Experience

These are seriously fun and interactive...gather friends, family, neighbors, clients or colleagues together!


  • Complete the Tasting Request form to schedule a Virtual Tasting experience
  • Select 2-3 wines of your choice (or choose a pre-selected package below) *All wines are 750 ml
  • Wines will be shipped 5 business days before the mutually agreed up date/time of the Virtual Tasting.  (There is an option to pick up wine at the winery if you are in the area.) 
  • Virtual Tasting will last approximately 60 minutes
  • All Virtual Tasting wines come with tasting notes and a paper tasting mat to use during the call. 
  • We set up the call, host the Virtual Tasting, and ensure the wines arrive before the tasting experience.  Also, we send a reminder before the Virtual Tasting to ensure everyone knows what to expect. 
  • 24-hour cancellation notice requested, please!

PRE-SELECTED WINE PACKAGES OR CHOOSE YOUR OWN: (prices do not include shipping/handling or tax)

SUMMER FUN: (package pricing $105)
(1) Rosé Caché (Grenache) $28 + (1) Quinta Essentia (Chenin Blanc) $42 + (1) Untold Story (Red Blend) $35 = $105

THE PREVIEW: (package pricing $155)
(1) Quinta Essentia (Chenin Blanc) $42 + (1) Untold Story (Red Blend) $35 + (1) Pére de Famille (Cabernet Sauvignon) $78 = $155

THE INTRODUCTION: (package pricing $175)
(1) The Untold Story (Blend) $35 + (1) La Serenne (Syrah) $62 + (1) Pére de Famille (Cabernet Sauvignon) $78 = $175

BETZ RHONES: (package pricing $172)
(1) Bésoleil (Grenache) $48, (1) La Serenne (Syrah) $62, (1) La Côte Rousse (Syrah) $62 = $172

BETZ BORDEAUX'S: (package pricing $138)
(1) Clos de Betz (Merlot) $60 + (1) Pére de Famille (Cabernet Sauvignon) $78 = $138

FUN TIPS:  A 750ml bottle has 25 oz of wine.  A tasting is typically 2 oz, so you can host up to 12 guests with a 2 oz pour of each wine.  

Schedule a Virtual TASTING

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At Betz Family Winery, we have a guiding philosophy behind everything we do; there is no substitute for quality. It begins in the vineyards and ends in the cellar. That’s the way we’ve crafted our wine since the first vintage back in 1997, and the way we’ll continue to do so for many more to come. Each bottle is a celebration of the Washington wine region we call home, offering a flavor that’s just as compelling and complex as it is approachable. We keep things purposeful and simple around here, and we think it shows with every sip.